Wes Eagle Gibbs

Writer, artist, photographer, and naturalist, Wes grew up in the rolling hills of West Marin in Northern California. He studied Philosophy and Ecology at Pitzer College in Southern California, and from his time spent living and hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains during college, he began to form an interest in environmental education and animal behavior. Following college, Wes spent time connecting to the land in practical ways, working both as a professional woodworker and managing organic farms in California. In 2017, he traveled to South Africa to study wildlife tracking and due to experiences gained there, he returned with his sights set on spreading his passion for nature. He has written about, photographed and backcountry camped in wilderness areas throughout all of the western states in the USA, and has developed and taught naturalist curriculums for the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin. He is wilderness first aid certified and wildlife tracker certified.


Lindsey Deas Miller

Lindsey hails from the water swept state of Florida where she developed a close connection with marine environments through surfing. She has hiked throughout much of the Southern USA and enjoys foraging for indigenous wild plants and using them for medicinal purposes. Having always been fascinated by the science and art behind healing, Lindsey is a professional massage therapist specializing in deep tissue work. She is a certified yoga teacher and her nature based yoga sessions are integrated into various Field Guidance courses.


Colin Patrick

Colin hosts and leads the Field Guidance course in South Africa. With over 20 years in the conservation industry, Colin Patrick is an African guide trainer, wildlife tracker, game warden and anti-poaching expert. He is one of very few African guides to have achieved the highest level of Scout, is a senior wildlife tracker and external evaluator for Cyber-tracker. He runs a growing business that trains field rangers how to improve their anti-poaching tactics and abilities throughout Africa.