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Field Guidance offers naturalist education and wilderness guiding for kids, teens and adults of all ages.

Consistent and critical observation of our public lands is an essential life skill that strengthens both mental and physical health. Critical natural observation belongs within our common skill sets just as yoga and martial arts have positively integrated into our lifestyles today.

The goal of our curriculum is to raise the general understanding of ecology and animal species within our collective communities and to help each student develop a true sense of comfort in nature. Through education and immersion, we work to show participants what is to be gained from focused time spent away for our screens and offices, developing a deeper understanding of our environment.

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Fascinating plant and animal species engaged in seasonal events surround us at all times, but we don’t always have the tools necessary to experience or notice them.


Hiking is not just about getting from point A to point B


Hiking is about decreasing the separation between you and your environment

What is life truly like in the wild? Like nature, the answer to this question is fluid for it differs with each animal species that you are taking into consideration. When you experience immersion in nature you develop a sense of comfort in the outdoors that allows you to think critically about what wilderness is and what wilderness still means to us as individuals and as a society today.

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Animal Within WORKSHOP - This class is designed to improve your knowledge of local animal species. With all of our five senses we will discover various common animal families in the chosen area, and learn their unique approaches to survival. Bringing together birding, tracking, ecology and natural history knowledge, this course is designed to help you better translate the elusive language of nature while also increasing your comfort levels in the outdoors. Sections of the hike will be done silently, enjoying the exercise of hiking through beautiful country as the power of the landscape speaks for itself, while other sections will go deep into ecological processes and developing the tools needed to better perceive animal behavior.

Business TEAM BUILDING - Much of what we as a human species consist of today is due to difficult lives our ancestors lead immersed in serious survival situations outdoors. As the tech industry continues to swallow more job sectors, so too will our need to connect with the most basic aspects of ourselves. Many of our most primal instincts that positively effect our everyday lives, lay dormant in tech and office based jobs. Stimulate your business team by getting your peers out of the office and into the wilderness and watch your team dynamics shift for the better.

Each class lasts two hours and is $99 a person. Group and school discounts are available.

Schedule and locations are customizable.

Though the wild is largely a place of stealth, vivid plant and animal communities can be found within any given landscape. To help us see these elusive communities, custom journals are handed out at the beginning of each class. The concept of our booklets is to speed up our own capacity to identify common local animals by taking personal notes along the way. After the hikes, each students journal sections can be taken home and later used as stepping stones for ones own lifelong relationship with the environment.


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